2017 Best Solar Powered Led Security Flood Lights For Your Outdoor – Ultimate Buying Guide

Well, your search ends right here because we have got you covered with the names of the best solar lights outdoor on the market complete with trusted reviews to back them up.

Outdoor Solar Lights are an increasingly popular alternative in today’s market. They are an affordable option for most people, can be easily installed or removed, and save a huge amount of money on electrical costs.

Until fairly recently, solar lights only produced a dim light and were not reliable, making them impractical for the average person. This has changed since super-bright LEDs entered the market. These light-emitting diodes create light without causing the typical heat waste that’s produced by normal bulbs so they end up being very bright while taking significantly less energy to operate. The end result is a dependable long-term bulb that shines for the life of the product. Solar flood lights are one of the most durable designs in the class of solar lights. They’re designed to be mounted in a huge number of ways and adjusted to shine in any direction.

If you’re in the market for led solar lights, then you’re probably looking for a great quality product. Read on to learn about the top three products on the market and how to make a decision that will suit your lighting and power needs.

Top 3 Solar Lights Outdoor on The Market

To help you in your search, we’ve looked up three of the highest-rated and most popular models available on the market today. To see which one is going to be the best for you, look through each review and determine what features and other areas you’re looking for in your solar lights outdoor before making a final decision.

Top 3 Best Solar Powered Led Security Flood Lights Comparison

As there is no perfect flood light that exists, these solar flood lights reviews come with both positive and negative review from its users but if you check the average product ratings and individual scores for each, the pros far outweigh the cons. So, we present the comparison of the features of the three best solar powered led security flood lights for outdoor including their ratings.

Reviews of 3 Best Solar Powered Led Security Flood Lights For Outdoor


In this review, we will list top 3 best Solar Powered Lights that are highly appreciated by lots of customers over the world. We hope that from understanding each flood light’s features, you will give your own smart decision and choose the best solar light.

#1. Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light Review

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Reliable Lighting Source:

This solar-powered light adds extra security with an 80 LED motion detecting light. It will automatically turn on when any movement is detected, making it a great security solution for a backyard or any place that needs some extra light. The light comes with super bright LEDS that are housed in a secure metal frame and the panel charges a 4-pack of rechargeable batteries, making sure that light is available as needed.

Multiple Control Dials:

Users have a variety of options to customize their light. The LUX setting or light level determines how dark it must be for the light to turn on. Users can set it to whatever level they desire. The Time setting is responsible for determining how long the light turns on, and some people may prefer a longer or shorter duration. Finally, the Sensitivity setting determines the range of motion detection that will cause the light to turn on.



Easy DIY Installation:

After determining the best spot to mount this light, you can mount the light and the solar panel easily. It can be set up in just a few minutes and no extra wiring is needed, so even someone unfamiliar with technology will be able to install the light without any problems


Features and Specifications:

  • Bright 80 LED diodes* 900 lumen power outlet
  • Detects motion up to 30 feet away
  • Comes with 5-battery back
  • Well built and weatherproof design
  • Lumen output: 900
  • Detection distance: 30 feet
  • Detection range: 180 degrees

#2. eLEDing EE836DE Pure Digital Solar Powered Smart Light

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This solar light provides high durability with UV protection to prevent fading from the sun. It’s body is made from polycarbonates which provides strength in a lightweight body. The light also is designed to be high impact resistant, to protect it from breaking even with stress placed on the light. This compact model should stand up to the elements with its break-resistant nature.

Energy Usage:

The lithium-based battery in this solar flood light is designed to gather and store energy. As a solar/hybrid lighting engine, this model is equivalent to an 80 watt incandescent lamp. It uses only 7.4 volts, and is one of the more efficient models on the market today.


This model offers an outstanding level of illumination of up to 40 hours, using its intelligence power management system. It is the only solar light that’s capable of operating from dusk to dawn due to it’s “smart on” profile. Although it offers extendable continuous illumination, the required battery capacity is smaller and lighter than other models. The smart on feature also provides a moon night mode which provides a smaller amount of light that still allows for visibility without blinding any nearby neighbors. Additionally, the large capacity solar panel is 3W and can still gather solar energy during cloudy days. This model will conform to any lighting needs while maintaining a green standard.

Adjustable Settings:

The flood light’s motion sensor and sensitivity to movement can be controlled. The detection range can e increased up to a 180 degree angle if desired, or less. These lamps can also be mounted either horizontally or vertically to provide consumers with flexibility and enough options for usage in a wide range of applications.

Long Periods of Illumination

This solar led flood light is designed to provide continuous light for more than 70 hours at a time. Using the “Smart On” function designed by eLEDing, the light can illuminate paths, walkways, and other outdoor spaces from dawn to dusk easily. The build-in solar panel powers the battery during daylight hours, storing enough charge to provide efficient power throughout the night. The innovative “Smart On” technology extends the lights illumination time, setting it apart from other solar lights. At night, the moon night function is activated, providing half brightness. When the motion sensors are activated, the flood lights switch to full brightness ensuring efficient energy usage at all times.


  • Weight 1.1 pounds
  • Material Plastic
  • Power Source Battery
  • PoweredVoltage 7.4 volts
  • Bright as daylight
  • Easy to install with one piece and no wiring required
  • Excellent quality and great design features
  • Dusk to dawn Smart On features
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions

#3.Robust Solar 80 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light

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This plastic and metal covered LED is designed to stand up to rain and is waterproof so it can be safely placed outside. The plastic material used to make the lighting fixture is shatter-proof and won’t break easily. This solar powered light even come with a one-year warranty to ensure that there are no problems with the use of this light.

Energy Usage:

This solar light has a lithium battery that not only can hold a charge for hours but is also designed to last over three years. The one watt solar panel features efficient energy usage. Once powered, this light can last throughout the night, especially with the motion sensor used efficiently.


There are over 200 triggers for this light and each trigger lasts 60 seconds after being fully charged. The 80 piece super brightness LED has an output of 550 lumen, providing a large amount of light for a small solar powered flood light. With the adjustable dials coming with the light, the light sensitivity can be adjusted to ensure the maximum flexibility for all outside lighting fixtures eventualities.

Waterproof Rating of IP56:

This solar security light has a high rating by the International Protection system which rates products for durability and protection against water or other harsh elements. The first digit after the IP is a five, which indicates the light’s protection against solid objects. This rating indicates that the light will stand up to moderate force from solid objects such as being hit by a ball. The second digit is the rating against water and with a rating of six, this level indicates that the light will stand up to strong jets of water. Overall, the light will stand up to harsh weather conditions and can be safely used outside.

Extended Working Time

This light can be set up using a digital display to turn on when it senses a motion trigger. There are 200 possible triggers which can be set to provide protection and reliability throughout the night. The working time of the light can last when it’s been triggered up to 200 times when fully charged. Each trigger will provide 60 seconds of light. After it turns tdark, the light will activate when it sense motion and the time it stays lit is adjustable from anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. When the sun comes up, the light will stop activating and automatically begin charging again.

Easy Installation

Unlike other solar-paneled lights, the solar panel can be installed anywhere within five meters of the floodlight. Installing the light is easy with only a set of screw plugs needed to mount the panel. The light can also be installed easily with screw plugs and a drill. The installation accessories that come with the light are simple to use and ensure and easy process for mounting the light.


  • Item Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Item model number: MicroSolar SL1 Solar Security Light
  • Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries are require
  • One year’s warranty
  • Adjustable light and delay time with digital display
  • 80 pcs high brightness LED
  • 7-12 meters of detecting range
  • Easy installation accessories

Your Buying Guide to Choose the Solar Powered Led Security Flood Lights For Outdoor

When you’re thinking about buying an best solar light, then there are many aspects to consider. It can be a long process to find the light that will suit your needs. This is a short list of some of the major considerations for a outdoor solar lights.

1. Area of illumination:

Remember that the first thing you want to consider when purchasing a outdoor solar light is the area that needs to be illuminated. This is probably the most important aspect since the area is going to determine the flood light type, brightness, and durability needs. There are many different types of places that can be illuminated with a flood light, so you may be looking to light this type of area. The front door, for example, is a popular place. Solar flood lights with a motion sensor instantly turn on the light and help you make it safely to you front door. This is only a small area though, so you won’t need a large light. However, when your area is around the house, you’ll probably want a light that can illuminate a larger area. Consider the total size of the area being lit before making a final decision.


2. Categories of lights:

there are several different types of solar flood lights including motion sensor ones, external solar panel, all-in-one, hybrid, landscape, and security flood lights. The security solar flood light is the most common used today. They vary from the other types available due to their motion sensor which turns on the light when triggered. The sensitivity of these lights varies and can even be adjusted in some cases. Another type is the hybrid flood light which has both a solar panel and a wired cable power option. This means that you can power the light with a direct current when the solar light’s battery runs out. One final type is an external solar panel light. This is the same as regular lights except that they have a separate solar panel that attaches via a cable. This means that when the light is mounted in a place where the sun does not easily reach, the light can still be charged.

3. Light Level:

The amount of light that an LED floodlight produces is important to consider since some flood lights will be bright enough to cover your entire lawn while others won’t cover much more than the garage door. And, this means that you need to consider how many lumens that light source produces. If you can think of a candle, imagine that amount of light as a reference since one candle produces about 12 lumens. So, if your light has about 23 watts, this amounts to around 1500 lumens. You can use the lumen output of any light to determine if it’s going to cover the exact area that you need.

4. Durability:

The durability of your flood light is an important aspect when making a final choice. Solar flood lights that are specifically made to be mounted outside typically have a much higher durability and quality than universal flood lights. If you want the top quality, then look for lights that area weather proof, have a metal casing, and have a toughened light screen. This type of light can typically withstand any harsh weather condition and can also be used in colder temperatures during the winter. If you live in a warmer area of the country where there is not much rain or the lights will be mounted in a semi-closed area, then you can choose a slightly cheaper flood light with plastic casing. However, be sure to determine where your solar lights are going to be mounted and the weather conditions that they’ll have to stand before making a final decision.

5. Size:

LED diodes tend to be a very small light source, so they shouldn’t usually take up much space in a floodlight fixture. However, because other components may be included, the overall fixture may be quite large. Before you choose the best fixture for your needs, consider where you plan to place it and how much space is available. As sizes go, the lights can be as small as 5×5 inches or be as large as 20×20 inches so be sure that you’re prepared to attach your LED light at either of these ranges. For solar powered lights, it’s even a more cumbersome process since the solar panels tend to be large and typically wider than a regular LED flood light. Keep this in mind when you’re looking at solar powered flood lights. If the panel is detachable, it can be removed and put somewhere else to save on space, but you will still need adequate space to mount it, and small or inclined rooftops are not designed for this purpose so they may not work out.

Well, I hope that these tips will be useful for you to choose the best outdoor solar lights.

Where to Buy Solar Powered Led Security Flood Lights For Outdoor

While there are many places to purchase these lights, the best solar lights are going to be found from a reputable store, either online or in person. A lighting store can not only provide a great selection, but may also be able to install them for you, so they’re certainly worth considering when you’re unsure of how to install your lights. If you feel fairly comfortable setting up the solar flood lights, then you may want to consider buying them online and having them shipped to you for the sake of convenience. When you choose this option, you still want to make sure that you’re purchasing from a reputable dealer or the manufacturer. Make sure that you do not purchase these lights used as there is no way to guarantee their condition or that they will provide adequate for your needs.

Today, with the development of technology, people can sit at their home and buy products via the Internet. There is a very big shopping center named Amazon where millions people around the world often order their products.

Yes, it is a great idea to buy Solar Led Flood Light on Amazon because you can read all customers reviews about those products and compare them with each other. At Amazon, customers give the rating scores and specific comments about each product when they have a chance to experience with it.


Finally, thanks for your patient to read our comprehensive review. You have seen all features as well as customer reviews about top 3 Outdoor Solar Lights. And now, we guess that you are wondering whether which product is the best solar light.

If you’ve made it through this review, then you may still have questions about which model is going to be the beset choice. Remember that your best decision will have to be based on what exactly you need in a solar powered flood light. What works best for one person may not be ideal for another, so consider what you truly need in your flood light.

When you’re in the market for solar powered lights, use this comparison and informational article to help you make an informed decision. You’ll be much happier when you have more information on this topic, so we’ve broken down the top models and what you truly need in a light to help you make a choice.

However, while all of these models are top-sellers for a good reason, the Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light model is one of our favorites. It provides up to 30 hours of continuous light on one charge which is a huge advantage in outdoor solar lights. The moonlight profile also ensures that the light will not wake up your neighbors while also providing adequate illumination throughout the evening. Finally, we appreciate the green lithium-based battery that has a long life cycle and is non-toxic. With its easy set-up and compact nature, this Light should conform to all of your lighting needs. I recommend it as one of the top models and believe that you will find this option to be one of the Best Solar Powered Led Security Flood Lights For Outdoor.