Robust Solar 80 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light Review

MicroSolar 80 Led Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light
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Review Summary:

The MicroSolar 80 Led Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light is one of the best selling led flood lights on the market today. The adjustable light fixture is popular with consumers who want a bright, dependable light source outside throughout the evening.

Overall, this product works well and provides a powerful light source, designed to suit both large and small spaces. It has multiple features that attract consumers, which is why it’s highly ranked with consumers. This solar light has a quality grade of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Features of Robust Solar 80 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light

Waterproof Rating of IP56

This solar security light has a high rating by the International Protection system which rates products for durability and protection against water or other harsh elements. The first digit after the IP is a five, which indicates the light’s protection against solid objects. This rating indicates that the light will stand up to moderate force from solid objects such as being hit by a ball. The second digit is the rating against water and with a rating of six, this level indicates that the light will stand up to strong jets of water. Overall, the light will stand up to harsh weather conditions and can be safely used outside.


Extended Working Time

This light can be set up using a digital display to turn on when it senses a motion trigger. There are 200 possible triggers which can be set to provide protection and reliability throughout the night. The working time of the light can last when it’s been triggered up to 200 times when fully charged. Each trigger will provide 60 seconds of light. After it turns tdark, the light will activate when it sense motion and the time it stays lit is adjustable from anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. When the sun comes up, the light will stop activating and automatically begin charging again.

Easy Installation

Unlike other solar-paneled lights, the solar panel can be installed anywhere within five meters of the floodlight. Installing the light is easy with only a set of screw plugs needed to mount the panel. The light can also be installed easily with screw plugs and a drill. The installation accessories that come with the light are simple to use and ensure and easy process for mounting the light.

Pros and Cons of Robust Solar 80 Led Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light


  • One year’s warranty
  • Adjustable light and delay time with digital display
  • 80 pcs high brightness LED
  • 7-12 meters of detecting range
  • Easy installation accessories
  • Long-life lithium battery included


The adjustable sensor may be difficult for some people to use If the sensor is not set up properly, then it may not be as sensitive, with is why some users have noted this aspect as a disadvantage. While it may take some adjustment to find the optimal position to pick up movement, typically this does not take very long and is fairly easy to figure out with a little trial and error. Other users mentioned that the light was brighter than expected. While this was not a problem for their use, it may take some getting used to the brighter light that the LED provides.


How do I install it?

Find the best location for your solar panel within 5 meters of where you plan to have the floodlight. The location needs to be as south facing as possible and free from light obstructions such as buildings, trees, fences, bushes or the shadows that these create.

1. Position solar panel in desired location
2. Drill holes, insert screw plugs and screw panel into place
3. Position the light in desired location
4. Mark holes in bracket, drill holes and insert screw plugs
5. Fix the light in to place
6. Connect solar panel cable to light and turn on.

Customer Scores

Customers have ranked this light highly with a score of four out of five stars. As one of the best selling lights on the market today, most customers reported that they were very happy with the quality and features of the flood light. They enjoy the bright LED lights and prefer the digital controls to other previously used models. Users also noted that it provides a wider arc of light than halogen models and the sensor picks up more triggers, so it can be used for great security throughout the evening. Overall, this adjustable light was seen as a reliable, sturdy model that suited their needs.


If you’re in the market for a reliable solar panel light, you may want to consider this light as a viable option. The light comes with a one-year warranty and is easy to set up, with all the installation accessories included. The detecting range will sense up to 12 meters, so this light can provide security and safety for a large area. Finally, the lithium battery in the solar panel charges throughout the day and provides efficient, bright light throughout the evening. Use the digital display to create custom settings and this light will work as needed.

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